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The Proprietor’s Pen

Meet Silas, the most adorable MINI CALF

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Born in April 2017, Silas still has a little growing to do, and is absolutely lovable AND huggable! He is quickly stealing the hearts of all the critter crew members — much to the consternation of Mini Cooper (mini horse) since he was the previous favorite!

Silas hit the ground running on the Cowboy Critter team. The day after he was hired, he was at his first TV news station! The very next week, he attended a ManaPro commercial set, and the following weekend was in Manchester, Missouri, for his first Live Nativity! Silas also loves the attention…erm…treats that come as a perk for working at Cowboy Critters Petting Zoo!

Silas is a Miniature Zebu calf. He is smaller than our sheep at the moment, but will probably pass them in height by the spring. When full grown, Silas will be much smaller than other cattle breeds. He will not be considered full grown for another 2 – 2.5 years, and will stand less than 42” at the shoulder.

The Miniature Zebu breed is known for being exceptionally docile and easy to handle. Silas is no different. He has quickly acclimated to life here with the petting zoo, and has already made friends with many of the other petting zoo critters!

Probably the best way to really meet Silas is to bring him to your event!

Silas is traveling with our indoor live nativity this year, and has already attended several birthday parties as a member of the petting zoo! If you want to meet him in the St. Louis area, he will be at the Journey to Bethlehem in Columbia, IL Dec 8th – 10th!

If you haven’t attended a petting zoo with Silas yet…you’ve missed out on meeting one of the cutest animals alive!

Enjoy a warm, INDOOR live nativity

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It is that time of year again…”Jingle bells”, Christmas cheer and “Away in the Manger,” and many church communities in the St. Louis area would love to bring a live nativity to their Christmas Eve service. Live sheep, goats, mini cow, and mini donkey are the perfect addition to any Christmas Eve nativity scene. Our adorable nativity critters are quite friendly and available to travel anywhere in the greater St. Louis area from O’Fallon to South County, Florrisant to Arnold!

There is just one problem. Christmas in St. Louis is a pretty chilly time of year, and no one enjoys standing out in the cold even if it is to pet our adorable nativity animals. Many people are willing to brave the cold because the nativity scene is just that cool, but why suffer if you don’t have to?!

In the past, it has been difficult to bring the nativity scene indoors because the goats are a bit messy at times, but now the problem has been solved! Our team recently designed and tested a heavy duty, portable, waterproof and natural looking liner to protect flooring from the mess. Just recently the liner was tested at the Fox 2 news station for a World Vision segment. We brought the critters in the TV studio with all the equipment and the liner saved the floor from virtually all mess! Since our original test, the design has been further improved and is ready to travel anywhere in St. Louis to accompany the indoor live nativity scene.

How did we do it? The base of the floor liner is made from two sheets of heavy duty greenhouse plastic that can stand up to virtually any wear. The next layer is soft padding to absorb moisture and give the animals a soft place to lie down. On top of the padding is a natural stable looking fabric to fit in with our beautiful wooden nativity coral panels. The final step was to roll the plastic over the edge for extra leakage protection — problem solved!

Now, bring our live nativity indoors at no extra cost! Just imagine how much the interactive nativity critters will contribute to your family Christmas Eve experience.

You really can stay warm and enjoy the nativity story up close and personal!

Awesome Block Party for McBride & Sons

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Last Saturday we had an awesome Block Party event for McBride & Sons — despite the torrential rain fall just before and immediately following the event (thank you Lord!)  Lots of fun and smiles to go around, and the people loved the Critters! Although, truth be told, Sweet Pea — our normally adorable miniature Jerusalem donkey — got a bit fidgety toward the end of the event and wanted to be with the pony. Karen gave Sweet Pea a little extra TLC and all was fine.

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CRITTER CREW: Since I was recovering from a recent surgery, we have special helpers on call and they did a GREAT JOB! Along with our regular Critter Crew, Marta, an expert Equestrian, helped with the ponies, and Hannah — an awesome spinner (as in clothes from wool) — brought a special treat for the guests…  a beautiful turkey from their farm.

Keep smiling and remember to bless the Lord for creating such awesome critters for us to enjoy!



Jeff Tobler
Proprietor, Cowboy Critters

  • By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. (Hebrews 11:3)
  • So God made the wild [critters] of the earth according to their kind… And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:25)

Major Website Makeover

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We’ve taken a giant leap forward again, this time with some amazing features to our website, such as:

  • full screen image sliders
  • responsive design (meaning it looks gorgeous on your tablet and cell phone)
  • FAQs for those questions that seem to popup at all times of the night
  • and more…

The online store will be up in a few days, automating the booking process. We’re looking forward to that. Plus we hope to have more testimonials published shortly.

Thanks for your support, everyone!


CowboyCritters.com goes LIVE!

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For over a year, Cowboy Critters has had it’s internet presence on the Solid Rock Ranch website—home to all our Critters. However, as time went by, we realized the Petting Farm and Pony Rides service needed a home of it’s own. We have labored to give the new Cowboy Critters website a country warmth along with a flare of FUN that comes with each child’s encounter with God’s wonderful, majestic creatures. Smiles abound!