• Pink Mini Pig
  • DOB October 25th, 2017
  • Is the farm’s vacuum
  • Will eat anything
  • One of his favorite foods is marshmallows
  • Is the first mini pig we got (along with Hamlet)
  • Loves to eat corn at petting zoo jobs
  • Does not like to be left behind
  • Will scream if he’s bored or cold
  • Will do almost anything for food

Runt was/is in high demand. Everyone wants a miniature pig at their party. When we first got Runt, he came with his brothers Hamlet and Wilbur. They were a little crazy, mostly because they were still babies, about 5 months old. So we put a lot of work into taming them and spending a lot of time just sitting with them, petting and feeding them marshmallows as treats. Now as much as they loved marshmallows, that was not their main diet. Runts main diet is grass, roots, corn, some grain and delicious food scraps when we have them. After we calmed them down, they understood that people were actually friendly and would come up to you for scratches and treats!

When Runt is out at jobs he always (almost always) knows where he’s is supposed to go and usually runs right to his cage from the trailer and strait to the trailer from his cage……. especially when there is food involved. If he gets hot, one if his favorite things is to have someone pour a bucket of water on him. Then he’s tries to dig a mud hole and lay in it, but when he’s in his cage, the floor on the cage doesn’t allow him.

Runt gets very excited about treats, so when you feed him make sure to drop the food in the top of the cage so he can eat it without fingers getting in the way. But make sure you give him treats, he thinks he has a bottomless stomach!