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Welcome Prince our newest pony ride member!

By November 7, 2017August 8th, 2018Uncategorized

Flying Diamond Morgan’s Prince was born in 2011 near Springfield, MO, and joined the Cowboy Critters team summer of 2017. He has been giving pony rides in St. Louis and St. Peters since 2014, and the children love his puppy-like personality.

Because Prince has a brilliant white color (when he isn’t rolling in mud that is) he makes the perfect candidate for unicorn and My Little Pony parties! Prince loves the extra attention and awesome look that he gets for each party! We travel anywhere to give pony rides in the greater St. Louis area, and even into Illinois. So, please ask for Prince if you want to host the perfect My Little Pony ride party!

Rainbow Dash is by far Prince’s most popular alter-ego, but he is plenty happy to come dressed as Apple Jack, Rarity, Shutter Fly, or ever Twilight Sparkle! As Prince’s make up artists, we need some time to make sure that we have all the right colors, so please don’t hesitate to call now if you want to host a unicorn or My Little Pony ride party in the St. Louis area (add $50 for dye costs).

To see pricing click here

As you can see, Prince loves attention. While we have only done unicorns, My Little Pony and spartan warrior, we are happy to look into other ideas if we have enough time to gather supplies. Our goal here is to make dreams come true, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

~Prince and Marta

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