• Spotted Nigerian Dwarf Whether
  • DOB Feb 23rd 2018
  • Loves treats & climbing in the hay
  • Likes to be held!
  • Snuggly
  • Gets in the way…constantly
  • “helps” with cleaning stalls
  • Hates dogs & baths

Asher is one of our absolute favorite goats here at Cowboy Critters. He has such a personality and loves to be all in everyone’s business. Asher is not the most stately looking goat we’ve seen but his love for people and attention has always been Ashers biggest quality. We got him and his brother Levi from a place near Rolla. They both had a blast growing up together running around, jumping on the cars and getting into any other trouble they could find. Asher is the smallest goat we have but never takes any dirt from the other goats. The area where the big horses eat is his favorite spot to be, he loves to sit on top of the big round bale they eat from and take naps while the others munch on hay.

Have you ever met a goat that likes to be held? Asher does! It’s one of his favorite things to do. He loves to bother us while we are working on chores until someone picks him up. If it were up to him, he would probably prefer to be carried everywhere he goes. Unfortunately he’s a little to heavy to be carried around constantly, but the occasional cuddle is the best! If you’re sad, Asher will cheer you up by pushing himself as close as he can get to you and cuddling with you. So, if you want to cuddle a goat, have Asher out to your party. He also loves to eat snacks and
is always careful not to get any fingers in the mix. Some of his favorites are corn, carrots, apples and dried leaves. It’s fun to watch him vacuum the food right out of your hand. He will love you so so much if you find him yummy snacks. Always be sure to ask a handler before feeding or picking up an animal.