• Miniature Zebu Steer
  • DOB April 14th, 2017
  • Height 36″ at the shoulder
  • Loves treats & attention
  • Dislikes baths & wintertime
  • Very kind with all other animals except dogs
  • Loves heat in any form (summer, sun & fire)

Silas came to us in November of 2017 as a crazy ball of energy that no one could calm. He was almost a year old when we got baby goats and a baby sheep and he loved and cared for them like they were his own younger siblings. Ever since he had to act like the responsible older brother for his younger goat siblings, he has been the sweet older brother model to the rest of the smaller farm animals. The only one he didn’t love is Snowflake, our farm dog, but that was to be expected because cows don’t generally like dogs anyway.

As we add to our heard of cows, Silas has become the head of the heard. He was the first one here and has quite a special place in our hearts because of it. Silas is one of the sweetest animals on this entire farm. He is very gentle with kids and basks in the attention of people. You can very easily win over Silas by scratching his itches, which are generally under his chin and all down his neck. Cows looooove to be stratched under the chin.

Silas loves to eat food and will eat a lot of different things, but his main diet is luscious green grass and leaves off of baby weed trees. If you feed him grass or corn at events he will take it so carefully out of your hand with his rough, cat-like tongue. When you are petting him he may try to lick you so don’t be alarmed if he does, it only means he really likes you.

Silas is also a bit of a weirdo. Since he is a Miniature Zebu (a breed originating in India), he thrives in the heat. He is happiest in the sun on hot days and doesn’t appreciate shade like all the other animals do. He prefers to stand by the fire if we are burning brush – even if it 100 degrees outside. The good news is that he LOVES to drink water, so he stays well hydrated.