• Cream/Gray Lion Head Angora
  • DOB June 9, 2018
  • Small 4-5lbs
  • Acts Super chill until… THE ZOOMIES
  • Likes cooler weather
  • Has done photo-shoots
  • Unbelievably FLUFFY

Latte came to us shortly after Lily. Latte is like Lily in so many way. She’s so calm and gentle with the kids. She doesn’t seem to get nervous at big events with loud noises and lots of action. She is always steady and calm. Almost always… one day we took Latte and all the other bunnies out of their hutches and put them on the ground in a horse stall so that we could deep clean everything without getting them wet. All the other bunnies hopped over to the pile of hay and started munching. Latte went nuts. She ran around that huge stall for quite a while. She’s so funny whenever she goes outside for turnout now she gets “the zoomies” and no one can pick her up for about 10 minutes. We are very excited because we’ve been saving up for some time now to build a new living space for the animals. This plan includes a full grass turnout run for Latte to play in everyday!