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I am completely amazed…

By May 5, 2014August 23rd, 2014What our customers are saying...

I am completely amazed by this e-mail Jeff. This is quite honestly one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen. Truly you are a man of God whose faith is remarkable. I felt so bad after not calling you to cancel our event. Obviously it was a crazy time at the hospital but I still felt bad that you drove all the way to my parents home. I imagine it’s not the easiest thing to wrestle all those animals into the truck and for that I apologize again.

I have had my surgery and happy to write that I was cancer free! I am in my 6th week of recovery and doing very well. Unfortunately I can not say the same of my sister…. She knows that more than likely she is at the end of her short life and she has told me that her body is exhausted and she can’t take much more.

Your question about how you may be able to help has brought me to tears. What a wonderful offer. The only thing I can think of is to pray. Not only does my sister need prayers but my poor parents have to watch my sister’s health decline and eventually will have to watch her die. As a parent myself I can’t imagine anything harder. They work day and night trying to care for her. They themselves are extremely tired. I am glad that they have God in their lives … they will certainly need God’s comfort, strength and love in times ahead. As will I, she is my only sibling.

Clearly we have not met but I so appreciate being able to talk with you. I have felt the level of caring and compassion that is within, and kindness and faith has touched me. Thank you again for being soooo understanding about me not calling to cancel and THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR FAITH AND FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

In Christ

– Jennifer

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