• Black Miniature Gelding
  • DOB March 10th, 2005
  • Smallest pony we have
  • Loves Running around
  • Takes FOREVER to eat
  • Loves to visit new places
  • Has CRAZY hair
  • Thinks he’s the next Derby Winner

Champ is an energetic miniature horse that loves attention and kids. He came to our farm with his younger brother Cooper. After we let them out into the field it took quite a while to get them back in because he was to busy racing around trying to beat the other bigger horses. Champ has always thought he is bigger than he really is and associates with the bigger horses a lot more than with the ones his own size. Champ gets his name because he believes that he could win the derby one day, and practices in the pasture.

Even though is thinks he is bigger than he really is, Champ is always careful with kids when they are around him and when he is giving rides.

When you think of a miniature horse, Champ is it. He is the perfect size for everyone. Champ is not super cuddly but loves to be around people and have the occasional pet. He gets sad if no-one pays attention to him and gets jealous if one of the other animals steals the spotlight for to long. Champ will cry if he gets loaded up last from an event. While he loves being out at events, he always has to make sure that we don’t forget him. Over all, Champ would love to come to your party and mow some delicious green grass and be pet by loving hands! Champ’s dream come true….