• Pinto Miniature Horse Gelding
  • DOB: Feb 7th 2006
  • Loves literally ANY kind of treat
  • Has been known to eat ice cubes
  • Can carry up to 60 lbs
  • Loves his hair to done
  • Likes Music and concerts

Mini Cooper is the most patient, sweet, gentle miniature horse you may ever meet. He came from another farm with a buddy named Champ who is also a mini horse. They were inseparable from the first time we let them into the field. Cooper, the chill horse that is very lazy, got the zoomies. That was a while ago, since then he has found more friends at our farm and loves to graze the green pastures and take naps.

Cooper has been the star at many different events. He gives rides, stays in the petting zoo, delivers drinks at a wedding reception, ya know, a little bit of everything. He has also been known to look like lil Sebastian from Parks and Rec. When Cooper gets treats, his favorites are apples, carrots and pizza crust. He loves to eat and it may be a close second to his favorite thing which is being loved on!!

Cooper is very gentle and handles loud noises well. One time we took him to an outdoor concert and he loved it!