• Dark Brown Jerusalem Jenny
  • DOB May 6th, 2006
  • Height 30″ at the shoulder
  • Always has a great hairstyle
  • Loves butt scratches
  • Likes to be around calm people
  • Does not like blacktop driveways or painted lines
  • Is best friends with Lacey & David
  • And lets not get started on water….she does NOT like water.

Sweet Pea is an experienced petting zoo donkey. She was in a different petting zoo before we got her. She has been doing birthday parties and other assorted events for 10+ years. When Sweet Pea first got to the farm, she was the only donkey we had at the time so she became best friends with Lacey, our big brown pony ride horse. Lacey took her in and cared for her because when you get a new family member in the herd, it usually takes a little bit for them to be accepted. Lacey made her feel at home right away and they have been inseparable since.

Sweet Pea has been in a lot of Nativity sets and even on stage. If you were to go to a Christmas service at Faith Church you may have seen Sweet Pea on stage with the Nativity set. She does very well for a donkey on stage but does not like to walk through the light beams from the stage lights, so she jumps over them instead.

When there is delicious green grass available, she cannot resist to eat everything she can. She could be so full but then all the sudden decide she can stuff a little more in. Especially when there are carrots involved, and definitely don’t forget about her when feeding the other animals, she will cry. Quite literally, she will make a lot of noise. Sweet Pea gets jealous if any other animals are getting attention and she is not. Even though she can be a little standoffish at first, once you give her attention and love, Sweet Pea really loves people and loves to visit birthday parties. If you invite her to a party, she will be there!

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