• Gray (white) Pony Gelding
  • 13.1hh (49″ at the shoulder)
  • Birthday: March 10th 2011
  • Loves hugs and food
  • Will eat just about anything (including cupcakes)
  • Does not like trampolines
  • Hates water, lakes and swimming
  • Has been barrel racing
  • Can carry riders up to 120lbs
  • One of the sweetest ponies you will ever meet

Jester is a been there, done that horse. Before we got him he was a show horse. He did barrel racing and chased cows. He had quite the exciting life. He had a young boy who loved him and took great care of him, but his boy grew and got too big to ride him anymore, and that’s where we come in. When we went to go look at Jester before we got him, we rode on him, ran all around him, under and in between his feet, and were acting like crazies. He stood like a statue and was so gentle even with all the crazy stuff we were doing. That is when we knew he would be a great addition to the farm. We got him home and let him into a safe pen so he could meet all the other animals. Even though the other animals were a bit wary he was very excited to get out and meet them! He tried to escape to meet up with the other animals many times. When we finally let him out, he immediately ran around the coral with the horses and loved playing with all of them. While he loves all the other horses, he and Prince formed a special bond. They are two peas in a pod and spend most of their time together.

Once we got him started on pony rides he loved his job from day one. Jester enjoys snuggling with all the kids and loves it when kids snuggle him back. He is always looking at what the kids are eating and gets so excited when they share their tasty treats. His favorite part of giving rides is when he gets to eat snacks at the end, and boy, is it hard getting him to go back to the trailer when its time to say goodbye.
Jester has never been a jumpy horse and is always calm in the most stressful situations. He knows how to take care of your children when they trust him to give them rides and always walks with care. Jester is definitely the life of the party and is always loved wherever he goes. Don’t miss a chance to snuggle with Jester when he comes to your next party!