• Brown Pygmy Whether
  • March 16th 2009 – Feb 20th 2021
  • Loved standing on the tallest object in sight
  • Loved treats
  • Loved treats so much he thought medicine tablets were treats
  • Disliked the pigs strongly (they’re loud and annoyed him)
  • Was Very opinionated
  • 12 years with the petting zoo
  • Had been in photo shoots & goat yoga
  • Would growl if he was mad (it was actually really funny)
  • Left big shoes to fill

We are going to miss Shamgar so much. He had a stroke the day before and then passed away in the night Feb 20, 2021.

Shamgar was the oldest goat that we had. He was with the petting zoo ever since he was a little baby. He is very sweet with people and loves attention. His favorite place to be scratched was right at the top of his shoulder where he couldn’t reach with his horns. Normally he would use the tip of a horn to scratch his back, but his horns were too long to reach at his shoulder. Sometimes he would even chase all the other animals away so that he was the only who gets all the attention.

Shammy was a very opinionated individual. We used to have a lot of trouble leading him because he liked to drag us everywhere that he wanted to go. With age and some training he settled down and was quite easy to work with more recently. He also disliked the pigs. They like to walk around squealing for no reason. This annoyed Shammy and he chased them every opportunity that he got. He was definitely the boss of the heard. Timothy has big shoes to fill.

Shammy loved to eat…eat…eat. He loved almost any type of fruit or vegetable. He also liked horse treats, medicine, dewormer, and anything else that looked like paper. One time he even grabbed a receipt out of the truck and ate the whole thing before we could get it back. Contrary to popular belief, goats don’t eat tin cans, but they definitely like to chew on anything paper. He didn’t usually try to eat clothing or hair, but if you were holding papers, he would try to steal them.