• Bay Arabian/QH Mare
  • DOB Spring 1999
  • 14.2hh (58″ at the shoulder)
  • Loves treats & running around
  • Dislikes watermelon!
  • Very patient willing
  • 10 years pony ride experience
  • Can also pull a cart and has been in a musical & wedding

Lacey is a wonderful sweet older mare. She gets special treatment because she is truly a one-of-a-kind type of horse (scroll down for more photos). She deserves the very best that we can give her. In her older age, pony rides is one of the best things for her. We no longer allow adults to ride so that we can protect her back from injury. She now gets to carry only the smaller children. Sometimes we wonder if she call tell they are even up there! Lacey is extremely calm for a horse. She does very well with unusual environments and new situations. She is calm even when separated from other horses. We even took her down an elevator into a warehouse basement to give pony rides for a Shriner fundraiser one February!

Lacey is blind in her right eye. She was in a pasture accident, and no one really know exactly what happened, but the vet was unable to save her sight. Despite the blindness, Lacey has adapted quite well. Most people can’t tell that she has a disability because she does so well despite everything.

Lacey is a very willing horse. We think that she may have been abused before we knew her. She used to be very fearful about having her halter put on, and still gets nervous when saddling. We just do everything slowly and gently so that she knows from here on, she will always be treated with respect. Despite her past, Lacey is quick to learn new things. A few years ago, we had a request for a horse to pull a surrey onto stage for a production of Oklahoma. At the time Lacey had not pulled a carriage, but she learned faster than any horse we have ever worked with. She was the star of the show and performed wonderfully even with the curtains, music and spotlights!