• Gray (white) Welsh Pony Gelding
  • DOB May 23rd 2012
  • 13.2 (50″ at the shoulder)
  • Can carry riders up to 130 lbs
  • Loves ANY food
  • Has done photo-shoots for many years now
  • Best friend is Jester
  • Likes to bully the Mini Horses
  • Dislikes windy, rainy days
  • Thinks he lives in the house

Prince has been doing pony rides with us from the beginning. He was owned by Marta (the owner) before she purchased the petting zoo.

Prince was born and raised at Flying Diamond Farm in South East Missouri. He is one of the last foals raised there before Tracy retired from raising ponies. He has a few half siblings and cousins in the St. Louis area. You will see them most often doing pony rides in October at Thies Farm in Maryland heights.

Prince loves to jump and take trips to Queeny park to go for a cruise over the jumps on the cross country course. Prince also taught a few riding lessons, but didn’t like teaching riding. He has a tendency to take advantage of the situation if he is not given clear instructions.

Prince’s best friend is Jester. He was delighted when Jester came to live with us a few years ago. They love to run and play together. They are a similar age and size, so sometimes people can’t tell them apart! Prince and Jester both do unicorn events. If you want a unicorn birthday party with real unicorn pony rides, send us a message to get your event booked. Prince is happy to do any hair color that you need for your event ๐Ÿ™‚