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Whoaaah there, partner!

By June 20, 2014August 25th, 2014Animal Tales

Another Animal Tale from Lacy, our majestic pony-size horse:

“I’m a veteran in this biz. In fact, I love showing off my God-given beauty. I’m 14.2 hands — the legal limit that defines a pony. Did you know I’m part Arabian and part Quarter Horse? It’s true. That’s why I’m a bit smaller than other horse breeds, but also why I’m sooooo…. FAST! Well, enough about me. You know, people get kind of concerned about you little boys and girls, but I’m going to let you in a little secret… sometimes parents do the silliest things. So, a while back, we were at a lovely birthday party. Christian brushed me and groomed my mane, and Charlie tacked me up (that means he put my saddle on and other equipment) so could start giving rides.

“And that’s when it happened.”

“I couldn’t believe my ears. The grandfather of the little birthday girl wanted to ride me. GRANDfather, mind you! Now, I’m not against older people, but I am on the small side. But that’s not all. This guy starts waving his hands wildly and kicking my sides to get me going. If he only knew how fast I could’ve had him off of me and wearing a 10 gallon humble hat. But, I didn’t do that. I stayed still and waited patiently for the awkward moment to end. We walked (oh, how I wanted to run when he was kicking my sides!) and walked, and he waved and hooted and hollered, and finally, it came to end. So, just to let you know, I really appreciate you well-behaved younger riders!”

Stay tuned for more Animal Tales

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