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Ice-Cream Slimed

By August 25, 2014Animal Tales

Another Animal Tale featuring “Sweet Pea”, our delightful miniature Jerusalem Donkey:

“Ok, so look, I really like kids, ok? Ok. And, hey, they’re my bread and butter… make that my hay and sweet feed. But I’m only donkey, ok?! And it’s not the coolest day on the books. ‘Hey, you with the third ice-cream cone running down all over your hands’… What? No, no— he wants to pet me… this boy is actually going to slime me with those icky, sticky hands — HEEEE HAWWWW, HEE HAW!!! Oooohhhhhhhhhhh… he did it. Yikes, I’ve been gooed by a 4 yr old. Oh well, just another days work. I’ll get over it.”

Meanwhile, a few moments later — when she thought no one was watching — our little Sweet Pea started licking off all the sticky, gooey, and YUMMY ice-cream. She tried to keep the “I’m way above this sort of thing” look, but she couldn’t pull it off. The corners of her soft muzzle turned ever so slightly upward as she enjoyed the fringe benefits of dessert-laden children wanting to reach out and show her their love.

Stay tuned for more Animal Tales!

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