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Meet Silas, the most adorable MINI CALF

By December 4, 2017February 3rd, 2018Uncategorized

Born in April 2017, Silas still has a little growing to do, and is absolutely lovable AND huggable! He is quickly stealing the hearts of all the critter crew members — much to the consternation of Mini Cooper (mini horse) since he was the previous favorite!

Silas hit the ground running on the Cowboy Critter team. The day after he was hired, he was at his first TV news station! The very next week, he attended a ManaPro commercial set, and the following weekend was in Manchester, Missouri, for his first Live Nativity! Silas also loves the attention…erm…treats that come as a perk for working at Cowboy Critters Petting Zoo!

Silas is a Miniature Zebu calf. He is smaller than our sheep at the moment, but will probably pass them in height by the spring. When full grown, Silas will be much smaller than other cattle breeds. He will not be considered full grown for another 2 – 2.5 years, and will stand less than 42” at the shoulder.

The Miniature Zebu breed is known for being exceptionally docile and easy to handle. Silas is no different. He has quickly acclimated to life here with the petting zoo, and has already made friends with many of the other petting zoo critters!

Probably the best way to really meet Silas is to bring him to your event!

Silas is traveling with our indoor live nativity this year, and has already attended several birthday parties as a member of the petting zoo! If you want to meet him in the St. Louis area, he will be at the Journey to Bethlehem in Columbia, IL Dec 8th – 10th!

If you haven’t attended a petting zoo with Silas yet…you’ve missed out on meeting one of the cutest animals alive!

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