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Enjoy a warm, INDOOR live nativity

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It is that time of year again…”Jingle bells”, Christmas cheer and “Away in the Manger,” and many church communities in the St. Louis area would love to bring a live nativity to their Christmas Eve service. Live sheep, goats, mini cow, and mini donkey are the perfect addition to any Christmas Eve nativity scene. Our adorable nativity critters are quite friendly and available to travel anywhere in the greater St. Louis area from O’Fallon to South County, Florrisant to Arnold!

There is just one problem. Christmas in St. Louis is a pretty chilly time of year, and no one enjoys standing out in the cold even if it is to pet our adorable nativity animals. Many people are willing to brave the cold because the nativity scene is just that cool, but why suffer if you don’t have to?!

In the past, it has been difficult to bring the nativity scene indoors because the goats are a bit messy at times, but now the problem has been solved! Our team recently designed and tested a heavy duty, portable, waterproof and natural looking liner to protect flooring from the mess. Just recently the liner was tested at the Fox 2 news station for a World Vision segment. We brought the critters in the TV studio with all the equipment and the liner saved the floor from virtually all mess! Since our original test, the design has been further improved and is ready to travel anywhere in St. Louis to accompany the indoor live nativity scene.

How did we do it? The base of the floor liner is made from two sheets of heavy duty greenhouse plastic that can stand up to virtually any wear. The next layer is soft padding to absorb moisture and give the animals a soft place to lie down. On top of the padding is a natural stable looking fabric to fit in with our beautiful wooden nativity coral panels. The final step was to roll the plastic over the edge for extra leakage protection — problem solved!

Now, bring our live nativity indoors at no extra cost! Just imagine how much the interactive nativity critters will contribute to your family Christmas Eve experience.

You really can stay warm and enjoy the nativity story up close and personal!