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Cooper the MOST Huggable Pony Ride Mini

By January 5, 2018Uncategorized
While Mini Cooper isn’t new to our team, he is certainly the star of the show! Cooper is a 2005 pinto colored Miniature Horse. Many people say that he reminds them of their childhood Shetland pony.
Miniature horses were originally bred to look exactly like a classic horse…just on a smaller scale. Typically they are lovable pets, but they can also work a little. Often times they can pull small carts for parades and competitions, and some are even trained as service animals. Like dogs, some minis can be taught to guide the blind and provide support for individuals who deal with seizures or have trouble walking. While many minis are know for having a difficult personality, just as many are sweet and lovable companions. Here at Cowboy Critters Petting Farm and Pony Rides, we are so thankful that Mini Cooper falls into the saintly category!
Mini Cooper isn’t trained as a service pony, but he does love his job. Often he can be seen as the star of our petting zoos, and sometimes he gives pony rides for very small children. Cooper is extremely gentle, and sometimes the very small children are much more comfortable taking a pony ride on Cooper than they might be on Prince or Lacey or larger ponies. When he isn’t delighting small children and adults alike, Cooper spends his free time with his friends grazing on delicious green pastures! Many families opt to come visit Cooper and his friends here on the farm where they get to meet Hunter (Cooper’s kitty friend), and spend more one-on-one time with the Critters.
While he is in the petting zoo, Cooper absolutely loves attention. He loves the treats, petting, and even having his mane braided. Many young St. Louis girls have learned to braid with Cooper as their patient subject. Since horses don’t mind having their hair pulled like humans do, Cooper holds very still even when many mistakes are made.
Cooper mainly gives pony rides and participates in petting zoos, but he has also been in an office building to help film a short and fun mid winter video! The video is currently in production, but when it is complete, it will be posted so that everyone can enjoy the performance!

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